Drone Photography & Videography Services

There are many advantages of using drones in property marketing. The property market is very competitive by nature and that means that it’s very hard to stand out from the crowd unless you’re using all the latest tools available. Aerial photography and video gives viewers a birds-eye view of not just the property, but of the surrounding areas. With new technologies, there are many new ways that we can view property or building from different perspectives.

Drones can capture unique viewpoints of other key selling features such as pools, sheds, extra garages,  and even landscaped gardens. Buyers rate drone and video walk-throughs as being one of the features they love to see on home listings, due to the ability to see the property from unique and compelling angles. A dramatic sweeping shot of the property, followed by a grand entrance down the driveway leading to the front door, can be the sole image that drives potential homebuyers to your listing.